iPad camera kit

Planes, iPads and cameras

Planes are a great place to catch up on my blogging truancy… I must thank Alex again for the hand me down iPad, I foresee an increase in productivity (or at least something resembling productivity). Those of you who enjoy my rambling can thank him as well 😉

So far other than Pages for the iPad (although it is missing some of my favorite templates) it seems I use iBooks, penultimate, notetaker HD, sketchbook pro and of course iTunes (videos) the most. Utilizing Handbreak (and a good tip from AC) I can now watch Sherlock on the plane :). Ok, maybe productivity was not quite the correct word.

I can pull up a video with a demonstration of perfect fin kicks, or a blown up scooter tail. I can blog, watch videos, and today I figured out how to download photos directly from my DSLR to the iPad. If it were not for a handful of files that I have not yet sent to the “cloud” this trip could _almost_ have been Laptop free! Exciting concept, no?

I know, I know, I’m a bit late to this bandwagon, but I really didn’t want to pay a chunk of ka-ching that could be put towards a wide angle adaptor for the ex1 on something that had the potential to just get tossed on the desk and be yet another flat shiny surface to collect dust.

To a degree it is great that I waited, I feel like they worked out a lot of the early bugs so apps run smoothly and is actually a productivity enhancer as opposed to annoyance and distraction creating gadget. That is not to say it is completely perfect, (the spell check and autocomplete makes for some entertainment) and not to say it is distraction free – Sherlock and Dr. Who at my beck and call with outstanding battery life = a fine distraction.

And so begins our descent… Shortly I will be in Long Beach for the annual Scuba Show!

It is the first time Alex has been left home alone with Lucy overnight (for two nights even) since she came to live with us. I wonder how the house will fare LOL! Luckily the doggie sitter was available for Sunday as our trips overlapped slightly, which means only one real day that they are ‘home alone’ 🙂