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I’ve been planning to start writing some dive kit reviews for several months now.   My hope has been to ‘review’ each item of my kit.   The title should probably be something along the lines of “This is my kit, there are many like it, but this one is mine”  or something catchy, but instead I’ll just be a bit boring and put it under the Cont. Adventures.


I dive two drysuits.  Both from DUI, a CF200 and a CLX450.   The CF is warmer, a bit stretchy (AKA my fat winter suit) and very durable and puncture/tear resistant, the CLX is lighter, dries faster, has as quick zip (which means the zipper will last forever) and more abrasion resistant.

The biggest difference in these two suits though is that the CLX450 simply loves to dive.   If i do not dive the CLX the upper body that has the cordura overlay gets stiff.  Like cardboard.  Cardboard reinforced with steel girders.   I look like i’m participating in solo WWF getting into my suit, or some contortionist torture, or maybe trying out for cirque de soleil.    Even the thought of a valve drill is enough to cause my pupils to contract.    It gets so stiff that its actually incentive to dive.   every day.   must. keep. CLX. happy.

If i dive it every day though, its like a different animal.  The Cordura is fantastic, DUI has taken great care to put the overly in exactly the areas that are showing wear from my BC Harness on the CF200.   The FLX lower half is super …flexible, and a breeze to don and doff, climb over rocks and down ripraff walls, etc.  The suit drys fast (so its not just being wet that makes it so flexible) which means its ideal for travel (Icy cold Swiss lakes anyone?)

So all in all, the CLX450 gets two fins up on the DiverLaura Scale.  When I first got it last year as a backup suit I worried that i’d made a horrible mistake, but after a week straight of diving I sometimes wonder if I should elevate to primary suit and put the suit heater inlet on it, which is a quick way to tell which suit is getting the most use.  (well, as soon as I loose those 5lbs of insulation left over from winter)  😉

upcoming brief reviews, partial list… (so stay tuned!)

BTS Suit Heater


Halcyon EOS 12w LED

Halcyon 21w HID

Halcyon Mini-explorer

Halcyon Scout HP and XP

DUI Rockboots (old style)

Halcyon BAP (big ass pockets)

Halcyon T14 Scooter

Halcyon T16 Scooter

AGA old style positive pressure ffm vs. recreational style demand regulator

Scubapro trimfins (err.. Jetfins) vs. Hollis F1’s

Halcyon Infinity BCD

Halcyon short plate vs. standard plate

Halcyon Cinch harness of goodness