back to reality!

The vacation was so much fun and such a whirlwind of excitement and fun (well, and maybe a little jetlag) that i’ve been a bit tired the last couple days (12 hr work days might also be part of the culprit).    So I have not gotten around to completing the journal, but will try to get something including pictures (in a logical order and of consumable volume) up soon.  Right now I’m hanging with the hound and catching up a bit on housework 🙂


Day one

Awake till 4am… Slept for a few hours in the early morning… Friday Seattle time, Saturday euro time… Reasonable flight, only one sad baby, even so, earplugs saved the day, as jets r noisy 🙂

Arrived Frankfurt, 11am – slept about 4 hrs on the plane, watched a couple odd movies (mama mia – musical, who knew pierce brosnan could ‘sing’) and get smart, which was mildly entertaining at times)

iPhone purchase pays for itself in one text message and email ;).

It snowed (and stormed) the night before, Germany is beautiful…

After luggage collection, we drive from the airport to heidlburg to meet O. and his delightful family… But first, we stop in the city and take the philosophers walk, eat my first german meal, and see an honest to goodness castle!!

Deutschland here I come!

Trying out wordpress for a change…  New color, etc…   We shall see how it works out, and how well I can integrate it with the current iweb page.   Figure I’ll have a bit of time at the airport after checkin so tinker time here we come!  


Yes, its late, I’m washing my long underwear, had a bit of hair combined with a rather loose neck seal on the dive tonight, combine that with mad phat speed on the CUDA’s and that means ….brrrrr  a bit of water.  Luckily none of the writhing hordes of Ratfish swam down my front… or into my pocket or or or…   it was crazy!   Still have to send back the small canister (or beat it some more with rubber mallet) as it was being a royal pain.  This means a whole dive going breakneck speed on a CUDA with nothin’ but a LED mini-scout for light (okay, and Ray’s light saber)