Month: May 2014


A quick reality check on the whole fish consumption thing. There is a ton of messaging flying around, but the big picture thing is this. As it stands, Puget Sound is has enough pollution in it already as to make some of our fish and shellfish unsafe to eat with any frequency. Believe me, i get the whole social justice issues and so on and so forth, but bottom line to me is how fast can we actually impact the legacy pollution. How will changing the fish consumption rate impact people who eat fish in the short term? How much of the toxin loading issue is legacy pollution? Would we have a more of an impact cleaning up superfund sites? How about polluted stormwater runoff? Changing the fish consumption rate won’t fix things in the near term, the messaging actually needs to be “hey! this fish is toxic and unsafe to eat!”

Until we get non-point source pollution under control, to me a lot of this is a moot point. We can regulate and legislate on fish consumption rates till the cows come home, but where is the current majority of pollutants coming from?


knowledge for all…

and the people gain access to more and more information and in gaining that knowledge become stronger and able to push back against warlords and dictators the world around.   Of course the warlords and dictators might see ample opportunity to try and control the stream of information and networks, but I think it will be like a tsunami.. and unstoppable force.    I look forward to a world where everyone has access to as much learning as they could possibly desire…  Be it how to wire a RC quad copter or when to plant crops for best yield or how to prevent nosocomial infections in third world hospitals…