Sometimes it feels like I’m in a fishbowl.  Not a bad fishbowl mind you, but a fishbowl, none-the-less. 

People look in, and they assume a lot of things based on what they see, but they really have no idea who/what/where of anything.  

I saved one of my hermit crabs tonight.  He/she IS in a fishbowl and one of my creation.   I made a general assumption that if said crabby wanted to move they’d hop out of their shell, grab the shell, and sort it out.  To give you a visual, the hermit crab was stuck upside down against the side of the glass.   Making the best of it, a bit of algae on the shell for lunch etc… 

I cleaned the tank tonight and since i was already messing with things, i flicked the little hermit over.  

Now i’m watching the hermit back up on the top of the coral, gobbling up the hair algae like its the best buffet ever.  

Shame on me for thinking he’d just give up his home to save his life. 



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