Month: August 2013

Glidecam 4000

The doorbell rings this morning and I pop up in anticipation.  I’m hoping that its not the JW Missionaries dropping off the latest copy of Watchtower, that would be rather anticlimactic.  I wait for a bit longer (finishing up reading the latest Apple predictions etc…) so that I don’t seem too terribly over-eager.   

I come down stairs and there it is… a box.  Not just any box but a tall skinny box.  A box that is perfect packaging for a GLIDECAM 4000!  Having polled my friends who actually shoot real stuff for a living, the consensus was “get the glidecam 4000 HD” and as use dictates and budget allows, then add on accessories, but you won’t know how much you’ll use it until you actually have it (sometimes this means once you buy it, you find more places to use it for justification of course but whatever).  

I’ve read and watched numerous tutorials on “balancing your glidecam” “reviews of glidecam vs. merlin” “glidecam tutorials” “test footage with Glidecam and 5DMK2” etc.. hours and hours of lame ass examples and a few very good tutorials.  I promise myself I won’t go right out and make a “test footage video”.  Well, at least not in the first day, and only because it seems like it might take a few minutes to set up <grin>

Unboxing.  It arrives, as advertised, in pieces.  Test one.  Can she get the box open and the thing unpackaged.  Lets just say scissors are helpful and being so lazy as to not get up and get them out of the kitchen (a WHOLE ROOM AWAY) is lame.  Must be a lack of caffeine thing. 

Scissors acquired and sugarfree redbull consumed.

Pretty intuitive with regards to set up, the only thing that had me stymied for a moment was how to release the camera plate.  “unscrew counter clockwise and pull” hrmmmm.  Nothing happens.  Oh wait.  it said. “unscrew counter clockwise… and… pull”  voila!  those are some tricky little bolt-like things.  Never seen the likes of them round here before.  

For a reduction in hassle factor, I opt to put one of the bogen quick release plates I have laying around directly on to the camera baseplate.  Conveniently this is the same quick release I have on the ball head for the boom crane.  I think I have a 3rd laying around to put on the tripod somewhere but haven’t seen it in recent history.  

Now on to the balancing!  read. the. manual.  Or you can just watch a handful of tutorials and find the one where the dude doing the yapping is less irritating – this is sometimes easier said than done!  A word to the wise, not everyone on youtube knows what they are doing.  In fact, many don’t.   So do read the manual as well, or at least keep it around for reference. 

To be continued…