Meg post dive done in <25 min 🙂 (with fills) I'm getting more efficient! (not counting packing the scrubber)

Yes, I know that some of you are more efficient, and yes, i know that some folks feel a post dive quick rinse and a weekly or monthly full disinfect is fine, but have you SEEN the slobber that comes out of the exhale counter-lung???? EEEWWW! I know its common name is "lung butter" but in my world that is spelled A-G-A-R 😉

For those of you who don't know what i'm talking about, imagine drooling like a boxer-dog looking at a pig ear chewie into a cup for an hour and then pouring that out of said cup. Clear, viscous slobber. Now imagine leaving that in a bag that you are going to breath into for a week. Mmmmmm…..


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