Each time I used a keyboard to type with two hands and all my fingers, without looking, or update my resume, or write a cover letter, sit for a job interview or submit an invoice or prepare my taxes… I take a moment to thank one man.

Chuck Ricevuto, who taught business education in my high school. (and i hear still teaches there…. so if anyone is listening)

He didn’t let us slack in the classroom any more than he would let his wrestlers slack on the mats on their way to State. Coach Rice as we called him is an everyday, unsung hero who deserves some kind of award, because were it not for him, i can think of busloads of kids who would have graduated without knowing jack about surviving in the real world. “always have a pen and note pad” “brush your teeth” “wear clean clothes” “take the time to fill out the application carefully and completely because its the first part… if you can’t follow simple instructions, why would they bother interviewing you?”

Additionally he was a teacher and mentor who was always there for his students… engaged 150% no matter what.

Honest to Dog, i wouldn’t know how to type if it were not for him… I don’t know that i would have had the focus to learn it without him breathing down our necks. So indirectly he is responsible for so much good in my life 🙂

So please, take pause and remember the people who helped you along the road to where you are now…

Stay tuned next time for the reason I LOVE science and then on to how I survived 6th Grade and High school English. Featuring George Thornton – science teacher awesomeness who although he rolled his eyes a bit every time my hand went up first to answer a question, he’d still let me have one once in a while, and Lee Root – English teacher, best of the best who not only encouraged me to write, but taught how.


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