MOAR Blogging!

So You will probably wonder what this has to do with adventures of Diver Laura, but….

One Word, well, technically two.


(on closeout even because its for the first gen iPad)

I will admit that the iPad is _almost_ outstanding for about 90% of the things I do on electronic devices… With the addition of the camera connectivity kit and Pages for iPad, I can _nearly_ do everything… Except type a lot, do video editing, and photo editing. Pages for desktop still has more options, but in a pinch I can gitterdun 🙂

Anyhow, I wanted the snazzy protector keyboard critter (in matching aluminum) but they were out of stock (AKA out of production because apparently no one on earth uses an “old” iPad anymore, everyone has a 2 or newer… The nice manager took a look for what i wanted and found a left over Adesso “Compagno” (cute) “Bluetooth Keyboard with European Style Carrying Case” Half off. WOOP WOOP! (Alex might be jealous)

What does this mean to you?


Upcoming Review: SOLA4000!


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