tincture of sleep?

I do believe i’ve pretty much won the battle with the first winter cold of the season…   I chose  sleep as my primary weapon.    It wasn’t hard, in addition to making me feel like my head was full of fast set concrete, and the inside of my sinuses on fire, it made me very… very…. sleeeeepy.

Now I don’t mind sleeping in and stuff, but i prefer to do it by my choice, and when waking up achy, i prefer that it was by my own hand at the gym or whatnot.    Waking up feeling the need to sleep in and for a couple advil for no reason other than a stupid virus replicating in my system simply sucks.

Therefor, i slept through a whole week 😦

Well, mostly slept.  I did find a new bit of trashy TV to delight in..   Sherlock on the BBC.  The first 3 episodes are on Netflix, the 2nd two are now on eztv.it.    the 3rd and final episode of season 2 is yet to air.

Review of Sherlock…

Delightful.   Although ‘modern day’ it holds quite true to the original stories..   the main characters are perfect for their roles and its delightfully written and filmed…

and there is humor… so much humor…


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