inception… or how i get stuck in a trend…

a couple years ago, some of our friends moved back to Copenhagen.    On their way out, they gave us a blender.   Nothing fancy, but its kind looks like a bar blender…   we used it briefly to make fruit smoothies when alex still lived over on alki beach.   

Then nothing… you know, kind of one of those appliances that sits there… waiting… making you feel a bit guilty about not finding a creative way to use it… 

I think I used it 3 times to make butter nut squash puree.   

Alex uses it more, for banana-milk.

Until last week.  

We both went to the grocery store and independently got bananas.  I have this little thing about over-ripe (AKA all yellow) banana’s.  I simply won’t eat them.   I think this is what got alex on the banana milk thing in the first place because i’d get a bunch of slightly green banana’s and only eat them until they were yellow. If my consumption or their ripening rate was off, then there would be untouched bananas on the counter. ripening. ripening… Alex hates to see stuff go to waste…    Looking at both our banana purchases the thought that was going through my head was…   Uh oh, thats gonna be a lot of banana milk.  

I’m a big advocate of ‘listening to your body’, with regards to health and such.  if i suddenly have the craving for a big pile of spinach, its probably cause my body needs some nutrient that spinach provides.   I am not sure what  is in that double chocolate chocolate chip cookie my body wanted for breakfast, but thats another story 😉  


Looking at that big pile of banana’s, it dawned on me…  


I need a fruit smoothie!     (in retrospect, my body likely needed to steel itself for the impending plague that was to hit on Wednesday)   since now the only thing that seems even remotely palatable is Orange Gatorade.  


It always amuses me how to ‘not waste money’ i end up spending more.   I leave Metropolitan Market glibly clutching my bag of goodies… unflavored protein powder, big bag of frozen fruit medley , pine-orange-mango frozen juice mix, plain yogurt… you get the pictures…  $50 bucks later i smugly walk through the parking lot to my car,  thinking how awesome it will be when make my OWN fruit smoothies, i think i even detect a hint of superiority in my swagger. 


now i feel guilty if i don’t make the fruit smoothy…    *sigh*


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