Dorian Grey…

So… secret of youth… Honeybadger style.

yes, i do keep a painting but its not in the closet, its on the mantle, to remind me…

that birthday i mentioned.  the big 4-0.   ouch.  it kind of pains me to admit it.  My dad and I have a pact tho, he’ll never turn 80 and I’ll never turn 40,  (80 just seems SO OLD!) so, i guess for the ‘record’ that was uh, 39, again… or as the sweet german put on the cake… 29…. he must want a blow job 😉  (hey! never said this was PG13)

Diving.  Saltwater may suck for your color job to hide the greys, but its great for your skin

Gym membership.  USE it asswipe.   you are not gonna be able to maintain like you did when you were 20, and I promise it’s gonna be about 5,000 times harder to ‘get it back’ when you let it slide.

Botox.  god must have been a woman.  for all you who say age gracefully, bite me.   Botox will give you the single most awesome improvement sans surgery of any other cosmetic intervention i’ve ever seen.  Botox prevented me from getting the “FURROWS OF FURY!”  AKA the deep glabellar canyons known to women of my genetic stock.   Just like a car maintenance fund, set aside some money for your botox quarterly or 2-3 times a year depending on how your muscles respond.

Obaji   ya, i’ve mentioned it before in previous blogs.  If you do the whole nu-derm system, be prepared for your face to have dandruff for the first skin cycle…  but then be ready for people to ask you if you are in LOVE…    I have not needed any of their fancy peels… i’ve watched women be transformed beyond belief by the regular nu-derm + retina-A program.   i forget from time to time and give in to ‘product’ that is purchased at sephora or elsewhere, but  I have simply never found anything that delivers its promise as solidly as Obaji.    it is not cheap, but its a lot cheaper than some of the other options.   consider it preventative maintenance.

staying youthful in appearance is simply that.  Preventative maintenance.  i slack off from time to time and pay the price.  I gain a few pounds and realize how much harder it is to get rid of them.  I realize what it ‘feels’ like to not be 20 anymore after kicking my own ass and swimming a mile or running 10k or lifting weights ‘again’ after being lazy and thinking ‘oh, diet will take care of it’  “eat smart and you don’t need to work it..”   BULLSHIT.  you need to eat smart AND exercise.  thats just how it rolls.  sorry.

Find something you believe in… be it a process, a project, a business, a volunteer project…  believing is passion… passion keeps you young…

make sure you have passion at home.  I’m not gonna tell you who or how.. just have it.   be it a long term friend, be it your partner, be it your spouse, be it your significant other… however you roll, make sure there is passion…   if you spend too many days without it, it becomes so very hard to find…

Make sure you’ve got mojo.  don’t let go of it, and if you happen to loose it, FIND IT!  Mojo is better than almost any cream or injection…  that swing in your step, that moment of distraction when you remember ‘it’…. that is simply priceless…

Do take pride in your accomplishments and where you’ve gotten yourself in your life/job/career, but i promise you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, when you are 60-70-90…  what you are left with is what you started with…  No matter how rich you are, or how smart, or how beautiful… all you have is you.  Your mind and your body.    What you do for it NOW, today, the day you are reading this, and each day forward will count towards how you feel when you are 80 or 90.

I’m not just telling you this for your vanity, i’m telling you this for my benefit.  In addition to wanking around with an UW camera and tilting at windmills on conservation projects,  I am a surgical tech in the Operating Room.     When you gain 300lbs because your job was so stressful and/or your life was so miserable, I still have to help hold your 100lb limb.   I still have to worry about your ‘complication rate’.  I still worry about whether or not i’m doing the right thing being a part of your surgery.  I watch the surgeon i work with, have to work about 25 times harder for a BMI >40.   He may be the best I’ve ever seen at the procedure you are having, but 200lbs of fat is going to hinder even the most golden of hands.

You are your outcome.   take care of yourself.   find something in your world that tips the balance and helps you improve your fitness… even if it is just 10 min of walking more than you did yesterday… Do it!

Getting older sucks.  Fight it.  Make it work for each and every pound it adds… inch it removes from your flexibility…   view it as the enemy of your mobility…    view yourself as worth every single battle.

most importantly though… in the honeybadger rules of fighting aging.    Surround yourself with people you love.  increase your interactions with those who ‘recharge’ your batteries as opposed to drain them.   Tell those people how much they mean to you.   The friendships may not be conventional  or fit into of the specific ‘tapes’ you had rolling in your head when you were 25 or 30… but they are the important ones.    treasure those who bring you joy beyond all else… money, prestige, big fancy life…   You can’t take it with you…

All you can hope for is to live your life as you, without apologies, without too many regrets…

ok, ya, this post is probably why they encourage me to not blog very often 😉  <just kidding> ….sorta.


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