Rain and …more rain!

I love the sound of rain… its so soothing… soporific.

but before we get to the rain…

today was productive, the rain we’ve gotten so far has reclaimed the yard from the sagebrush, tundra and tumbleweeds and offered me something to mow once again.  I was doing some reading (imagine that) and learned that its actually better for your yard (and better for puget sound) to use a mulching mower and not pick up your grass clippings HALLLLEEEELLLJJJJAAA!!!!!!!  (or however you spell it)   I’ve also found that with the little doggyfence on the side yard, i can unleash the Lucy Badger in the front yard when we get home from walks (though the gnome height fence in the front yard would likely not retain her were there a cat within eye-shot (sight hound not scent hound).

After mowing and general yard work it was time to decipher my way to Pathfinder School which is over by Delridge to see the TOX-ICK MONSTER presentation by Cate White (where the video of me by Eric Becker is the opening), but if you don’t check on the most recent address and take a right instead of a left on Genessee, you find yourself at some other, very dark, unlit, unwelcoming campus (my first clue?) I arrived in time to hear my favorite part of the presentation about Storm Drains and CSO’s!!!!!!!!!!!  Pictures were taken, West Seattle Blog notified!   We had stellar turn out and $1000 was donated towards a cistern for Pathfinder Schools earth day project.

Returning home, I got a call from Lucy’s new doggysitter (for when i’m at work) and she will be coming to learn the …idocyncracies of the Lucy badger tomorrow <grin>

I learned something new about Lucy tonight… she doesn’t mind rain.   Doesn’t mind going for walks in it… doesn’t mind going out in it…  why?  because a wet dog gets a toweling off, and in her badger brain, that is something like a reward i guess…  now she goes out and gets wet just to get ‘doggymassage’ i think.   dog too smart.

Which brings us to the rain… other than it’s delightful sound, i will fall asleep dreaming of the video that might be shot tomorrow… video of the day lighted stream, video of water on pavement, video of rain gardens, and video of a billowing plume of ICK….    🙂


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