Month: January 2009

Do I, Don’t I, Do I, Don’t I….

Okay, so I’ve been agonizing about getting a new laptop for what must seem to my friends and family to be an eternity…  

It’s not so easy, with patent application fees for the she-p, upcoming investment for disposable she-p plans, standard cost of living, etc… can I really justify a new computer…   and if so, which computer?

A little history… My current laptop is a G4 Tibook, circa 2001,  Yes, it’s still going… Yes, it’s in the mac museum listing… It happily (albeit slowly) chugs along, useless for basically everything but web surfing and email.  Eight or so years later it’s by far the most useful birthday gift I’ve ever received.

But, it doesn’t play well anymore with my desktop (intel imac), or many other things that are now leopard based for functionality.   I’d like to access my files remotely, screen share, etc… Even when I can get it to connect, its so SLOOOOOOOOOW that by the time things open, I’ve forgotten what I wanted and found another way to accomplish the task at hand.  

So now I’m debating a cheap ibook (the bottom end has a firewire port – so I CAN use imovie to do the machete chopping if I want to get started on video editing away from the desktop, or a refurbished bottom of the line macbook pro.  My current desktop was a ‘refurb’ and it’s been stellar…  

Waffle waffle waffle.  

In other news, my XM450 undies in size XS are the BOMB!  

She-P is now PATENT PENDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

and… hmm… what else.   Oh, actually making it to the climbing gym ~3 times a week, and happily thrutching my way up things in the 10 b/c range.   By outdoor climbing season, I might actually be back to leading 5.9 on ‘real’ rock 😉  

Found some new web publishing software that just plain ROCKS!  RapidWeaver. Somehow they found the happy place between Dreamweaver and iweb.